Link Outs

Here is a collection of useful/interesting sites that I visit. :3

If you find a mistake, or if your site is on this list but you don't want it to be, please contact me with the specifics.
Exchanges Resources & Tools
Little Grimoire (pixel)
Almost Sweet (blog)
42 Clovers (animanga gfx)
Affelius (gfx)
CSS Reset Code
Dorkistic (k-pop gfx)
Haria (animanga gfx)
HG Designs (brushes)
Lightbox (img display script)
Mochimitsu (animanga gfx, patterns)
Otaku Junk (animanga gfx)
Pixphoriad Designs (gfx, resources)
Prism (syntax highlighter)
Pokeshore (animanga gfx)
Sugar (animanga gfx)
TFL (animanga resources)
Towairaito (animanga & neopets gfx)
Domain Registrars Hosting *
Crocweb (paid)
EMN Hosting (hybrid)
Giraffe Host (free cPanel)
Host Bunnies (paid)
Host My Heart (hiatus)
Host Wish (paid)
Little Dancer (hybrid)
MerHost ▸ (paid)
OfBlue (hybrid)
Parade Hosting (paid)
Star-Drops ▸ (free ftp)
Tetsunosuke (free ftp/cPanel)
Three-Words (paid)
Blogs Others
Dokuga (Sess/Kag Community)
Minitokyo (animanga images)
Zerochan (animanga images)
*: Web hosts listed are either hosts that have been around for quite a long time or personally trusted hosts. New and/or more unfamiliar hosts are labeled with a triangle ▸
Lisa @ almost sweet Cassandra @ Little Grimoire